Our Background

Since 1980, our company starting from production and cotton fabric selling into the wholesale market “Sampeng, China Town, Bangkok, Thailand”. Until 1993, Green Cotton (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established. Green Cotton Products have been developed by the believe that ;“Natural will become less and less, and Chemical will become more increasing”.

There are so many fast development in world industrial – products that harm to human’s life, technology that creates convenient life to consumer. This civilization is replacing our simple life. People can’t feel and touch much of the true natural nowadays. This also has direct effect to human health and mind. In addition, people lifestyle is now changing. From the effect of surrounding environment, human become less concern on they body and mind.

Green Cotton (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. found this matter since then – we realize about the bad effect that might happen in our future life. It’s very important to develop and produce this kind of item, (natural products), in order to have more choices for customers to live with natural again. This will also help people to avoid daily chemical towards skins and breathing beside the consumption habit.

From the believe of factors here, it becomes the products from natural – starting since yarn and the production to finished good. All processes are none of chemicals involvement. Unbleached, Undyed, and simple cutting of clothes become our key, and more important, consumers feel very soft and comfortable once wearing. Our products help return natural life to all. Let help return the natural to our world together. We will help you develop nice and friendly products for everyone.